Hi, My name is Roland Boles, aka Robablo! I write and illustrate action adventure comics and graphic narratives. My work focuses on absurdist comedy mixed with thrilling action sequences designed to keep readers at the edge of whatever surface they decide to sit on.

These comics range from short stories about heaven found footage, to ongoing epics about people obsessed with a children's card game. My artwork is a combination of poppy colors with sugar-crystal sweetness that combines the cute with the cool.This combines with my unapologetically scraggly style of lineart to create a unique aesthetic that cannot be seen anywhere else.

I prefer writing stories so strange and out there that just describing it to another person would get them hooked. Conflicts in stories are all about giving audiences a question and an answer. I choose to make that question brand new to the world, Something no one wouldve asked, or thought they would ask ever in their lifetime.

You can contact me via email,