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June 22nd 2023

Welcome to the site!

Today's news is that there is no news

The life of a comic artist is an arduous one full of tribulations. It is truly the most thankless job in the world. A sysiphean task of pushing ink across a page until it forms a coherent image, and then those images form a story, and those stories form a novella. It's a life full of desolation, with clamoring audiences waiting for media to fill their minds, and you always meet deadlines because you're just that good at your job. I think I need some water, one sec...


Updates paused on AETHERBORN

Just because the process of converting a page from print to webtoons is arduous enough as-is, I've decided to pause updates on the AETHERBORN portion of the website for a bit.The site's comic format is kind of finicky and I would rather spend time actually making new pages than refprmatting old ones, and writing the code to impliment them. If you want to read the newest updates of AETHERBORN, you can read them HERE!!!

Thank you for reading!