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May 15th 2024

AETHERBORN has been updated

For those of you who have been reading on Webtoons or Tapas, you probably remember that the series ended on a canonball-induced cliffhanger. (and for those who haven't been reading, that's probably gonna hang in your brain as you catch up, which is really funny imo) Well, there still aren't any new chapters following that up, rather, I've finally taken the time to add those episodes to the website. Dissapointing, I know, but I do have SOME good news for you. I have started work on a new chapter... IT'S A PREQUEL CHAPTER :P

I know it's not what you wanted to hear, if you have any interest in this series at all, but after listening to some advice from a good freind of mine, I decided the current opening of Aetherborn is pretty weak and I wanted to make it stronger; more interesting. (did I use the semicolon right?) That chapter is still a WIP, and seeing how caught up I've been in so many other projects, it's likely not going to be done any time soon. I will tell you now though, Aetherborn is my personal favorite project I've worked on, and I have never been more excited to work on the series. Maybe one day we'll do a Kickstarter to print it as a book, and that will be the motivation I need to resolve that cliffhanger. Anyways, if you want to read AETHERBORN, It's right HERE:



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